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The Practical Approach to Divinity Mirror of Bliss
Song of Silence, Volumes I - IV Chandra Prabhas
Biography of Chandra Swami Udasin; Footprints to Eternity Bhuman Shah Sandesh
Spiritual Gems


The Practical Approach to Divinity
- By Shri Chandra Swami Udasin

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This small book is a condensed but complete treatise on the philosophical as well as practical aspect of the spiritual journey in its totality, from beginning to end, written in language of amazing authenticity. In this book Swamiji does not speak on behalf of any particular religion or sect, but as an authentic representative of that class of seers and sages who have tasted the Divine in its fullness, the possibility of which he sees in all of us. He starts by discussing the question, "Does God Exist?" then quickly moves on to show the need and urgency of realizing God directly in this very life. From there he discusses the basic qualifications of a seeker of Truth, then gives a detailed explanation and practical advice regarding the various techniques of meditation as well as some of the obstacles and aids on the spiritual path. Finally he describes some of the common spiritual experiences which occur on the way, culminating in the highest never waning experience of the Divine. He ends by urging the reader not to delay or postpone his/her spiritual effort, but to begin here and now. Many great souls from varied backgrounds, when they read this book, unanimously hailed it as a "complete scripture on spirituality." It has been translated and published in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Arabic .

Excerpt: "Mere intellectual knowledge of God is of no value. He must be seen face to face. He has to be realized and possessed. It is so because it is He alone that can quench the thirst of your soul."


Song of Silence (Volumes I - IV)
Questions & Answers

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The first volume in the Song of Silence series begins with a brief biography of Swamiji, written by one of his foremost monastic disciples, Swami Prem Vivekananda. The main part of the book is a compilation of Swamiji's answers to spiritual questions written during the daily question and answer sessions in the years 1992 - 1994. Volume II is a further collection of Swamiji's answers to questions asked by devotees during the years 1994 and 1995. In these first two volumes the natural sequence of the questions and answers has largely been preserved, flowing along much like a typical daily satsang with Swamiji, sometimes jumping from one topic to another according to the questions asked, and sometimes taking on a conversational tone as Swamiji interacts with the devotees.

Volume III and IV comprise Swamiji's answers to spiritual questions during the years 1995 - 1998, and 1998 - 2001 respectively. In these later volumes Swamiji's spiritual teachings have been organized sequentially according to topic, following the same basic structure as in Swamiji's great work, "The Practical Approach to Divinity." Different volumes of Song of Silence have been translated in French, German and Russian.

Excerpt from Volume II: "When your mind stops, you see your Self. When your mind is moving, you see others. When your mind stops, you see the timeless Spirit. When your mind is moving, you see the world."


Chandra Swami Udasin; Footprints to Eternity
(Biography - Part I)

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A detailed account of Swamiji's early life, spiritual sadhana and realizations written by his foremost monastic disciple, Swami Prem Vivekananda, who has been living at the feet of Swamiji continuously since 1988. This first volume describes his renunciation of the world at a young age, his intensive sadhana of over 18 years in a cave, on a hilltop in Kashmir, and on a forested island in Haridwar, as also his amazing spiritual experiences and realizations culminating in the ultimate unbroken experience of God.

Excerpt: "For the entire night he would practise the mantra on the beads of a very long rosary made of over 1000 beads, and in the day he would continue with japa for many hours, both while sitting in meditation posture as well as during his daily activities. Gradually the mantra became synchronized with his breathing and went deep into his subconscious, submerging him in an indescribable bliss. In Swamiji’s own words: “The mantra had overwhelmed me and permeated all my outer and inner activities. I would take my food with the mantra; I would walk with the mantra; I would even sleep with the mantra. I was possessed by the mantra, as it were, all the time. My whole being had become soaked with the mantra. The mantra had brought a sort of inebriation in me which persisted ceaselessly. I don’t know how to explain the purifying effect of a mantra embodied with the divine holy Name. The holy Name of the Lord is verily divine elixir.”


Spiritual Gems

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This small booklet is a collection of various spiritual sayings written by Swamiji at different times in different contexts. Each 'gem' is a poignant reminder of the true goal of human life, spurring the reader on to strive for God-Realization with the attitude of 'do or die.' The original was written in Hindi and has been translated in English, Urdu, French and Russian.

Excerpt: "The blissful Lord abides in your innermost soul. He permeates each and every cell of yours, and even then you are dejected and worried -- how very strange it is! Just gaze within, and see that the One you search for without is really calling you from within. Will you not look towards Him? Will you not hear Him?"


Mirror of Bliss
- By Shri Chandra Swami Udasin

In this small booklet Swamiji has written a brief sketch about the life of his beloved Master, the great Udasin sage, Baba Bhuman Shahji Udasin, and also conveyed the essence of Babaji's pragmatic and spiritual teachings in the form of twenty-four aphorisms.

Original in English, translated in Hindi, French, Hebrew and Russian.

Excerpt: "Man becomes completely Self-Fulfilled with God-Realization. All his doubts and confusions are dispelled forever. As the darkness disappears with the rise of the sun, similarly, the web of ignorance and illusion of man is totally shattered (destroyed) when one is established in divine Consciousness. Then, one remains always absorbed in the bliss of Being, radiating love and harmony in the world spontaneously."


Chandra Prabhas
- By Swami Prem Vivekananda

A detailed account of Swamiji's life and teachings in Hindi written by his foremost monastic disciple, Swami Prem Vivekananda, who has been living at the feet of Swamiji continuously since 1988. The biography includes more than 200 photos, from Swamiji's student days right up to present day. The second and third sections of the book include the teachings and brief life profiles of the great Udasin sages Acharya Shrichandraji and Baba Bhaman Shahji. The final sections are compilations of some of Swamiji's letters written to devotees over the last 50 years along with some of the spiritual stories and anecdotes which Swamiji often narrates.
Original in Hindi. Currently almost half of it has been updated and translated into English and is being published in installments in the ashram's bimonthly magazine, Bhuman Shah Sandesh.

Bhuman Shah Sandesh
A bimonthly spiritual magazine published by Seekers Trust, dedicated to the aim of God-Realization, selfless service in the name of God and fostering love and harmony amongst all religions and all beings.
Bilingual: Hindi & English.