Satsang with Shri Chandra Swamiji Udasin

March 2016

Swamiji during satsang


Question: What is prana?

Question: Prana is the basic element for life. There is a story in the Upanishads that once amongst the senses, mind, intellect and prana there was a discussion about who was superior. When this could not be decided, they went to ask Brahmaji. Brahmaji told them to go out of the physical body one by one in order to know who is the most important. The sense of sight went out first. The person could not see, but was able to hear, smell etc. Then the sense of hearing went out; the person could not hear, but was able to see, and so on. When the intellect went out, the person became stupid, but was still alive. But when the prana went out, the body became dead. So it was proved that prana was most important. Prana is the energy of life.

Question: I see and feel deep love in your eyes. Sometimes I can feel the same inside me. But the more I feel this, the more I become sensitive to the impact of unpleasant effects from outside (people talking in an unfriendly way, etc.). My joy disappears immediately and I close my heart. Do you have a hint for a way out, for how to stay in my joy and my love?

Swamiji: Anand/prem (bliss/love) is the true nature of the soul, the Atma. In Hindi it is called Sat/Chit/Anand. It is permanent. But pleasures are temporary, changing. To realise one’s true, essential nature, one has to go deep within, stopping all the modifications of the mind. Patanjali yoga is the most scientific and psychological discipline for stopping all the modifications of the mind.

Question: We always speak of the suffering of human beings, but what about the suffering of God? God gave us the liberty to create a paradise. We created in several decades a huge wasteland, a land overwhelmed with wars and conflict, natural disasters, cataclysms and so on. Would it not be a manifestation of the suffering of God’s body, our planet? Because God is omnipotent, is it possible to conceive that God suffers? And what about the relation between God and the human being? A lot of people are far from God or deny God.

Swamiji: God is Sat-Chit-Anand and is present in all of us. To have the direct experience of it, the impurity and wandering of your mind are the two main impediments. The sincere seeker has to work with the spirit of ‘do or die’ to have the direct experience of the Self.